Rotary trip to Kamchatka 2019

Dear Friends!

We invite you to visit mysterious land!

Rotary clubs of Kamchatka invite you to visit our wonderful and magnificent land!

You will see volcanoes from the plane when approaching to Kamchatka, the Pacific Ocean and black volcano sand will surprise you. Fishing and rafting along mountain rivers will touch your heart.

You will enjoy great nature in a great company of Rotarians from different parts of the world!


Kamchatka 2019 offers you fabulous tour which is highly recommended by those who had visited us during the last three years!

“Comfort Tour” for new-comers. Dates: 05-12 August 2019

You will see and experience: the Pacific Ocean, active volcano Mutnovsky, rafting and fishing, healing hot springs of Paratunka, sea trip around the biggest bay of Russia and for the bravest ones — a helicopter ride to the Kurilskoye Lake, black bears home.


1 day – Arrival, visiting thermal hot springs of Paratunka

2 day – visiting active volcano Mutnovsky

3 day – rafting down the river; fishing

4 day – helicopter ride to the Kurilskoye Lake – optional, visiting thermal springs

5 day – trip to the Pacific Ocean shore, picnic

6 day – visiting volcano Vachkazhets

7 day – sea trip, city sightseeing tour

8 day – departure

Камчатка Ротари

A Rotarian Maria Ivanova will be happy to answer your questions about Kamchatka via mail and help you sign up for the tour!


Please note that the tour is not a commercial product and receiving any profit by the organizers is prohibited. The aim of the program is to introduce Kamchatka to you with its untouched breath-taking nature, in a company of Rotarians from Kamchatka Clubs.


Looking forward to see you in Kamchatka!


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